3 More Dogs Toys to Buy in 2020

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3 More Dogs Toys to Buy in 2020

Ask and you shall receive. We got dozens of emails after our first dog toy post asking us to do another one. Without further adieu, here’s the encore that all of you asked for. Let’s get right into it!

Bark Pong

Like most people, you probably fondly recall the nights you spent owning your friends at beer pong — the nights you remember, anyway. Why not bring your dog in on the fun? Believe it or not, you can do just that!

For only $10, you can challenge your dog to a game of bark pong. Can you throw all three plushes in the crinkly cup before your furry friend takes them out again? The ballistic nylon seams will have no trouble standing up to your dog’s chompers ensuring product longevity.

Nosework Feeding Mat

Ever wanted your dog to get in tune with their instinctive foraging skills? The nosework feeding mat lets them do just that. Drop a treat into the shaggy mat and watch as your canine companion hunts it down like a true wolven descendant.

The mat is even fully washable making it super easy to clean. What are you waiting for? Go order a mat from Amazon while stocks last! The $25 you spend on it is nothing compared to the fun you’ll have watching them track their inanimate prey down.

Burrow Popcorn Bucket

In a similar vein, you might want to pick up a burrow popcorn bucket for Fido. If you run out of treats, you can use this non-edible toy as a temporary substitute. The innovative toy lets you hide squeaky popcorn balls inside a plush bucket and watch as your dog tries to get them out.

It’s pretty similar to the bark pong toy except getting the popcorn out of the bucket is more challenging than scooping plushies out of a faux beer cup. The set costs $14 and comes with three popcorn balls which makes it a pretty good value.


That’s a wrap. We hope that you enjoyed this sequel article as much as you enjoyed the original piece. It’s worth noting that we don’t currently have any plans of releasing a third installment for the series.

However, if you share this article on social media and it goes viral then we may be forced to reconsider. In any case, thanks for reading all the way through and be sure to send us your feedback on our latest posts. Stay happy my fellow canine lovers!