Dating Tips For Pet Owners

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Dating Tips For Pet Owners

It’s a widely known fact that dogs can help you break the ice and score a date. Yet, some pet owners still struggle to get into their groove when it comes to dating. This article seeks to remedy that by offering a few tried-and-true tips.

man and woman holding Labrador retriever

Dog Parks

As you can imagine, dog parks are one of the best places to meet people who love their canine companions as much as you do. In our busy world, it takes a true animal lover to take time out of an already-packed schedule just to make Fido happy.

While your dog acquaints him/herself with the fellow canines in the park, you’ll have the opportunity to find someone with a spark. There are nearly a thousand dog parks in the 100 largest US cities alone so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one!


Once your adorable pup has gotten the attention of an equally cute pet owner and broken the ice, it’s essential that you don’t let things end there. Point out how the two dogs seem to like each other and invite the pet owner to a puppy playdate.

Try to plan out a playdate that’ll be just as fun for the owner as it will be for the actual dogs. Going for a walk on the beach will give your dogs a lot of room to play together while also providing the perfect romantic environment for humans to get to know each other.

Dinner Minus Dogs (DMD)

Once you and the charming pet owner that has your heart on a leash have gotten to know each other through a couple of playdates, it might be time for some human-only time. Of course, having a DMD can be tough if your dog has a tendency to chew up furniture.

This problem is exacerbated if your pup has separation anxiety. To be able to focus on your date without worrying about your dog celebrating World Toilet Day by anxiety peeing everywhere, I’d recommend you leave some toys and snacks at home to keep them busy.

Canine Give You a Gift?

When it comes to dating pet owners, it’s highly advised that you buy some gifts relating to their dog. I’m not saying you should buy them a rubber newspaper for Valentine’s, but a personalized picture frame with their dog’s name on it would be a perfect gift for any occasion!

You might think that spending $30 on a picture frame is excessive when you can get flowers or chocolates for the same price. That said, it’s still a cheaper way to impress than spending $300 just to get your hair extended by two inches.


Having a pet can make dating harder in some ways and easier in others. The same dog who helped you break the ice may end up destroying your living room while you’re out on a date. Ultimately, these puppies are too cute to blame!