Is Too Much Playtime Stressing Out Your Dog?

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Is Too Much Playtime Stressing Out Your Dog?

We can all agree that playing with your dog is one of the most fun parts of having them as a pet. After picking up their droppings, repairing the furniture they wrecked, and taking them on daily walks so that they don’t guilt trip you with their adorable looks, you just wanna play some catch.

It serves as our reward for all the hard work that goes into owning a canine companion. With all that being said, it’s important to consider the impact that it may be having on your furry friend. This article is going to go over the potential stressors that may be affecting those puppers.

Do Dogs Even Get Stressed?

You might be wondering if dogs even feel stress. After all, things like burnout are emotional states that we usually associate with humans rather than canines. However, there’s actually a lot of data that supports the idea of stress in dogs.

The stress of dog owners may even spread to their pets as well, according to Lina Roth from Linkoping University in Sweden. She found that cortisol levels of pet owners usually lined up perfectly with the dogs that lived with them.

How to Tell if They’re Getting Overworked

One of the most common indicators that a dog is getting over-excited during playtime is growling. This could indicate that they need a break. It’s worth noting that this rule shouldn’t be applied broadly since some dogs simply growl while playing as part of their personality.

Dog trainers and veterinarians will be able to identify the specific signs of stress for your dog, so seeking advice from either one could be beneficial. If you feel like your dog is stressed, then give them some time to rest and remove any objects that might be triggering them.

Older dogs may also be more prone to stress than younger puppies since they generally operate at a slower pace and have lower energy reserves. This is why you need to adjust your playtime activities as your dog ages.


There’s nothing wrong with playing with your dog. It’s actually a great workout for both you and the dog that can prevent heart disease. That being said, if they get too tired, give them a break, then leverage the benefits of hemp products to calm Fido down.

That’s all for now. Stay safe and happy playing!