Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy During The Winter

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Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy During The Winter

During the winter months, your dog will be spending a lot of time indoors. It can be hard to keep them occupied and fit during this time. Fortunately, we at Friendly Paws have prepared this cheat sheet for you!


Hide and Seek

If you live in a big house, then hide and seek is a prime choice for keeping your dog entertained during the snowiest time of the year. Not only will this keep them entertained but it’ll also help you pass the time and serve as a mutual workout.

Scent Training

Your dog doesn’t have to be a bloodhound to enjoy scent training as an indoor hobby. All you have to do is give them a whiff of their favorite dog treat then hide it somewhere in the house and watch as they hunt it down. This will be just as entertaining for you as it is for them.


You can’t beat the classics. Whether it’s a stick, bone, or squeaky toy, there’s something special about the mundane act of throwing an object and having your pooch return it to you. It’s almost akin to the bonding experience of a father and son playing catch.


Indoor Agility Classes

Even when the outdoors aren’t an option, there are still indoor options such as Zoom Room that can help your dog stay in shape during the colder months of the year. These classes will also help your dog socialize throughout winter.


Believe it or not, it’s still possible to take your dog out on walks during the winter months. Of course, you should reduce the duration of these walks to prevent discomfort in your pets. Aim for 3 PM as that’ll be the warmest time of day, even during winter.

Pet Treadmills

If you think the short winter walks are insufficient or can’t bring yourself to go out in the cold then pet treadmills are a good alternative. Those who don’t want to spend more on a custom pet treadmill can use human treadmills but should select a low speed so the dog doesn’t get injured.


Some dogs may become anxious during winter since they can’t roam outside whenever they want. Browse our catalog of high-quality hemp products to find some treats that will help fido stay calm while the snow pours down, surrounding your abode.