Purebred vs. Mixed Breed Health

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Purebred vs. Mixed Breed Health

There are many things that you have to look at when you pose a question as complex as the health of purebreds versus mixed breeds. Others might try to give you a convincing answer based on their own opinion or for personal gain. That said, we prefer to give you information that covers all angles so that you can make a conclusion for yourself.

Social health

When it comes to social health, you’ll find that purebreds will often score higher than mixed breeds. This isn’t due to their physiology, but rather a result of their background. Purebred dogs have been raised in pet shops with warm blankets and good food while mixed breeds had to endure the tough streets, fighting over food and suffering through the cold winters. All this has led to mental illness and trauma being more prominent in mixed breeds than purebreds. hemp oil has been shown to be effective in treating canine trauma. You can get some high-quality tinctures at the official Friendly Paws shop.


The mixed breeds have to win this round. Some species of purebred dogs have a limited gene pool which can lead to various issues such as hip dysplasia. Mixed breeds have a virtually infinite breeding pool meaning that they’ll be more resistant to the genetic diseases that purebreds may fall victim to. Various forms of cancer and heart disease have also been attributed to the inbreeding of purebreds. It is important to remember when caring for a purebred that hemp oil has been found to kill cancer cells and keep them from reproducing.

Infectious diseases

When it comes to infectious diseases, mixed breeds will be more prone to having them due to the unsanitary conditions that they were raised in. Purebreds receive top-notch healthcare since birth. If a labradoodle at a pet shop comes down with a disease, it is treated in isolation to ensure that no other puppies catch anything. In comparison, mixed breeds in the pound often don’t get the attention that they need which leads to progression as well as further transmission of the disease.

Other factors

Bear in mind that there are other factors in play than whether a dog is a mixed breed or a purebred. For instance, a dog of larger stature will always be at greater risk of heart disease than a smaller dog. It’s not a matter of purebred or mixed breeds, it’s a matter of size. In the same way, smaller dogs are more vulnerable to tics since they have less blood to spare.


When it comes to social skills and infectious diseases, purebreds have the edge. As far as genetics go, mixed breeds are generally healthier. Regardless of which path you take, be sure to provide adequate healthcare to your pet including but not limited to Hemp oil, healthy food, and exercise.