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It’s a widely known fact that dogs can help you break the ice and score a date. Yet, some pet owners still struggle to get into their groove when it comes to dating. This article seeks to remedy that by offering a few tried-and-true tips. Dog Parks As you can imagine, dog parks are one of the best places to meet people who love their canine companions as much as you do. In our busy world, it takes a true animal lover to take time out of an already-packed schedule just to make Fido happy. While your dog acquaints him/herself...

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For many pet owners, treating their dog is a bonding experience. That being said, it’s important to keep nutrition in mind when giving out treats so that you don’t overfeed your canine companions. The treats your dog eats should never make up more than 10% of their daily diet. You can talk to your vet to get a clearer idea of how many calories Fido should be getting every day along with what nutrients the meals should consist of. Below are some healthy treats. Nutritious Options Vegetables Why spend a lot of money on sugary snacks from the store when...

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