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Ask and you shall receive. We got dozens of emails after our first dog toy post asking us to do another one. Without further adieu, here’s the encore that all of you asked for. Let’s get right into it! Bark Pong Like most people, you probably fondly recall the nights you spent owning your friends at beer pong — the nights you remember, anyway. Why not bring your dog in on the fun? Believe it or not, you can do just that! For only $10, you can challenge your dog to a game of bark pong. Can you throw all...

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There’s no doubt that dog toys are very important. They help you bond with your canine companion while also tiring them out so that they don’t chew on your sofa. It’s a win-win! But... which toys should you choose? Here are three of our favorites! Max Glow Ball Playing catch with Fido is a very fun experience. Sadly, it’s often cut short when the sun decides to bid you farewell. Fortunately, there’s a great workaround. The Max Glow Ball makes it easy to play with your pups late into the night without having to worry about losing the ball. The...

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