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Some people may argue that dog toys are a novelty and something that you shouldn’t bother wasting money on. However, there’s strong evidence supporting the purchase of dog toys. Let’s take a look at some of the different ways that they benefit you and your pet. Energy Management Dogs — especially puppies — can be very energetic. This is normal, especially if you’ve chosen one of the more active breeds. It’s safe to say that dogs can exceed the energy level of their masters quite often. Playing with toys can tire your dogs out so that they don’t take their...

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During the winter months, your dog will be spending a lot of time indoors. It can be hard to keep them occupied and fit during this time. Fortunately, we at Friendly Paws have prepared this cheat sheet for you! Entertainment Hide and Seek If you live in a big house, then hide and seek is a prime choice for keeping your dog entertained during the snowiest time of the year. Not only will this keep them entertained but it’ll also help you pass the time and serve as a mutual workout. Scent Training Your dog doesn’t have to be a...

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