Top 3 Dog Toys For Quarantine

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Top 3 Dog Toys For Quarantine

There’s no doubt that dog toys are very important. They help you bond with your canine companion while also tiring them out so that they don’t chew on your sofa. It’s a win-win! But... which toys should you choose? Here are three of our favorites!

golden retriever puppy beside the lion plush toy

Max Glow Ball

Playing catch with Fido is a very fun experience. Sadly, it’s often cut short when the sun decides to bid you farewell. Fortunately, there’s a great workaround. The Max Glow Ball makes it easy to play with your pups late into the night without having to worry about losing the ball.

The glow is bright enough that you can easily spot it even in the dead of night. Furthermore, it has a rigid texture that makes it very easy to grip even if it rolls into a tight spot. It’s worth noting that your dog may get a bit hyperactive if you play with them at night.

That being said, it’s well worth it since you’ll get to have a ball of time (see what we did there?!) You can pick up a two-pack for under $10 making it just as affordable as it is fun. Glow get it!

Tornado Puzzle

Leaving your pet at home can send chills down your spine since you don’t know if your furniture will survive until you get back. Luckily, many pet owners have been able to remedy the issue by using this tornado puzzle.

Be sure to fill it up with your pup’s favorite treats. They’ll spend a lot of time working on the puzzle to try and get them out. By keeping your dog occupied, you’ll boost the chances of your house staying neat while you’re out.

The toy is durable and safe so you won’t have to worry about your dogs tearing it up as they would the sofa. It’s easy to see why thousands of units have already been sold through Amazon.

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Lastly, we have the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball. It’s the perfect toy to keep your curious pups entertained while indoors. The fun sounds it makes will keep your dogs engaged and it doesn’t even require batteries.

The ball is made out of durable and pet-safe materials so you can be sure that it’ll last you a long time.

Pick yours up for $12 and watch as your canines keep themselves busy for hours on end while playing with this ball.


The toys above are a great pick for any pet owner. Both the puzzle and sound-playing ball are ideal for pets with separation anxiety since it’ll keep them busy while you’re not at home. Stay happy my fellow canine lovers!