Training Newly-Adopted Puppies

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Training Newly-Adopted Puppies

Many people are starting off the new year by adopting puppies, and it just so happens that January was National Train Your Dog Month. That being the case, we at Friendly Paws decided to whip up this training guide to save you some trouble.

Methodology — Punishment vs. Reward

Shock Collar

We know that a shock collar may seem extreme, but there are settings that actually let you adjust the collar to a more humane level. Many collars even have vibration modes and warning beeps that you can use as an alternative to the actual shock.

We advise that you wait until your dog actually understands basic commands such as sit or stay before implementing a shock collar into the training routine. No matter how many times you shock them, it won’t make a difference if they don’t understand what the command means.


Treat Training

If you prefer positive reinforcement, then you can go for the classic route to treat training. This method is pretty self-explanatory - get the pup to perform the desired action, then reward them with a tasty treat!

This can help you train basic skills such as staying or not jumping on people, but it can also be useful for teaching tricks such as shaking hands. We advise using small treats so that your dogs don’t get full before learning the trick.


AKC Family Dog Program

If you don’t want to go through the potential hassle of training a newly-adopted puppy yourself, then you could drop them into the AKC Family Dog Program instead. This program teaches good manners to dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds.

The activities contained in the program are fun (and yet, educational), to ensure that dogs can develop a long-lasting bond with their owner and be sociable around fellow canines. The program will even teach family members how to communicate with their dogs.

Basic skills such as down, sit, come, and stay will also be taught in this program. All of these combined lessons will make it easier for you to bring your dog to various functions and events without having to worry about them jumping on people.


Training comes through routine, repetition and a lot of patience. Your dogs will be more obedient if they’re calm, so browse our extensive catalog and find a hemp product that can help them maintain a good mood all throughout.