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How many hours a day does a French Bulldog sleep?

Enero 3, 2020 - Tiempo de lectura: 5 minutos

Dogs have a greater need for sleep than humans. Depending on age and health status, the length of rest per day may vary. A healthy adult French Bulldog sleeps between 17 and 18 hours a day. However, this doesn't just mean deep sleep, it also includes snoozing and resting.

How many hours a day does a French Bulldog sleep?

It often looks like the dog is sleeping, but it's just relaxing. When there are unusual visitors, noises, or smells, the bulldog immediately wakes up and is full of enthusiasm for action. Adequate sleep is only about 6-8 hours. These don't necessarily have to be "slept" all at once but are spread out throughout the day for some dogs.

The quality of these deep sleep phases depends very much on the experiences of the day. Particularly exciting experiences need to be processed during sleep and can cause restlessness and less relaxation. On the other hand, if the day has been very tiring, the bulldog is quite exhausted at night and may sleep more than usual.

How many hours a day does a French Bulldog sleep?

Older dogs also have a very high need for rest and their activity level is decreasing more and more. Sick four-legged friends will also retreat more often, preferring to fall asleep than be in the thick of the action.

However, the puppies are the ones that sleep the most. They take it to 22 hours and even more. At least in the first weeks of life. Aside from drinking, growing up, and dreaming, they do little for the first few months.

French Bulldog: what to watch out for?

French bulldogs are ideal companions in everyday life. His character is very kind and he always likes to be where his people are. Affectionate, cuddly, and playful, they are also great family dogs. His striking appearance, along with his simplicity, make the French Bulldog one of the most popular breeds of all.

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You must be well prepared for what is to come when you add a French bulldog to your family. So you want a French bulldog puppy?

What do you have to consider and know about a French Bulldog?

  •  French bulldogs are society and companion dogs.
  •  The breed standard even states that they are guard dogs. And in fact, many members of the breed are very attentive, barking when someone rings the doorbell
  •  Typical of the bulldog is its large, broad head with an upturned nose that is tilted back. The muzzle is short and wrinkled.
  •  Its erect ears are reminiscent of bat ears and the tail is naturally short.
  •  The coat is short and without an undercoat. This makes the French Bulldog sensitive to cold. In very harsh winters or on cold, wet days, a coat or sweater can provide the necessary warmth.
  •  Life expectancy from 10 to 14 years.
  •  The breed weighs around 8-14 kg. Males are usually slightly heavier than females.
  •  Its size is between 24 and 35 cm. Here, too, the males are usually a bit taller.
  •  Very familiar dogs and lovers of children.
  •  French bulldogs are considered to be sociable and friendly.
  •  They are suitable dogs for those who never had dogs.
  •  They feel at home in the city and the country as well.
  •  They have a moderate drive to move and are generally not capable of superior athletic performance.
  •  Due to their anatomy, they are often not good swimmers.
  •  Natural mating is also not always possible due to physique. The rather large heads of the puppies can sometimes make delivery difficult or even impossible. Many puppies are delivered by cesarean section.
  •  Dogs belong to the brachycephalic breeds and therefore sometimes have respiratory problems. These can be moderate, but also very serious.
  •  Brachycephaly makes them sensitive to heat. The shortened nose and possibly restricted breathing can make temperature equalization difficult. So in summer, you have to take good care of the French bulldog.
  •  Some representatives of breeds are a little sensitive about their diet. Many owners complain about persistent flatulence in their little French bulldogs and difficulty finding the right food.
  •  Skin folds can be prone to infection. Therefore, regular cleaning and care are very important.
  • French bulldogs should avoid climbing stairs if possible.

However, the care of the French Bulldog is relatively simple.