We're Friendly Paws! Nice to meet ya. Millennial pet owners living in Venice Beach.

Our pets include a cat named Joji, a corgi named Rigby and an Aussie named Sydney.

We love our our adopted pets and want to help integrate shelter animals into their new families.

We created this company because of our personal experience with adopting our first dog, Kevin. Our mom is a dog groomer who volunteers to groom shelter dogs to help them get adopted.

She had 3 shelter dogs over at our house, all very ratty looking, all very cute, and all extremely shy and scared.

Long story short, one dog named Kevin, who we had to hold and comfort the whole time he was over at our house, we fell in love with.

Two weeks later he was ours.

He was constantly shaking, hiding, and just absolutely terrified and uncomfortable.

They found him on the streets around the age of 6 months, (we adopted him at 8 months). I can’t imagine he had ever felt comfortable in his life.

He seemed like an extreme case.

After doing some research and self medication, we thought giving him hemp oils would help him relax and feel more comfortable in his new environment.

We quickly noticed he stopped shaking, was not as timid, had confidence in himself to explore his surroundings and new family, and started wagging his tail instead of keeping it between his legs.

He slowly started feeling comfortable and relaxed with his new family that loves him so much.

Now, two years later, he does not stop showing his love and appreciation towards us, he’s just a ball of love and we are so grateful for him!

We still give him hemp oils in specific situations when we know he will be nervous.

Like, during events we have a lot of people over, 4th of July, new environments, etc., and we can definitely tell he does not feel as anxious.

Our goal is to help these scared, anxious, adorable pets feel more comfortable and less stressed during their transition into their new lives.