Calm & Quiet Powder

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Dogs are pack animals, so living a domestic life without their “pack leader” can be stressful.

In fact, even smaller lap dogs can feel anxious.

About calming powders for dogs

Each pouch contains 60 Calming Chews for a 30 day supply to help your pup cope with this stress.

With a Vegan bacon flavor, Friendly Paws Calming Powders are dog approved and highly palatable. Select from either a 7-day or 30-day supply of individual serving packets. We recommend Calming Powders to be given during or after feeding.

  • Helps Cope With Stress
  • Great for When You Can’t Be There For Them
  • Research Driven Formula
  • Natural With Added Vitamins, Minerals, and Trace Nutrients

Certificate of Authenticity