Hemp Wellness Oil for Cats

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This Hemp Wellness oil cat tincture can provide amazing health benefits as a supplement to your cat's diet.

This contains in total, 200mg of Hemp Wellness oil from full-spectrum hemp oil including additional nutrients.

Would your cat benefit from this calming compound? Hemp Wellness Oil is an all natural, safe way to help reduce anxiety and may promote healthy organs in dogs, cats, and humans. 

How to Use Hemp Wellness oil for Cats

It’s easy! Just add one serving to your cat's food or administer directly into their mouth (Adding it to food is much easier).

Ingredients:  Hemp Wellness oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Serving Size:

Under 25lbs cats: 10 drops
26-50lb cats: 20 drops
Over 50lb cats: 30 drops

There are about 1,400 drops per bottle. That will provide around 47 to 140 servings depending on the size of your dog and the dosage you use.

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